Jul 14, 2009


It was a perfect day, in every sense of the word. And also a day of many firsts. Today, it rained heavily here for the very first time this year. And today, for the first time ever, I got drenched in the rain - intentionally. And also wished my friend Dev 'a very Happy Birthday' for the very first time. And these lines are the summary of this whole piece. So if you are not in a hurry, continue reading. But I must warn you that you might find the use of the word 'perfect' redundant :) And for those who are in a hurry, don't read further, the following is the stupid elongated version of the two sentences above!

Today started with me waking up late, taking a quick bath and skipping breakfast! The weather was close to PERFECT and I was singing on my way to college, in careless splendour. The song I was singing was "Jab bhi koi ladki dekhun mera dil deewana bole ole ole ole" (translated to English: Whenever I see a girl, my crazy heart says ole ole ole). I do not understand the reason, but I did remember the song and was singing it :)
Anyways I was late for class and after being allowed in, I was back to my favourite activity - thinking and doodling. It was 'perfect' 'cause no teacher caught me day-dreaming. As the day proceeded, the weather became better than 'perfect'. It ultimately started raining - heavily. Since the day I came back, it had not rained even once. And finally it did today! I got wet and it felt good. But I quickly went into my friend's place and dried myself. It had been a few moments when I was lazing that three other friends dropped by and forced me into getting out and taking a walk in the rain. I shrugged but they being the 'perfect' marketeers convinced me to get and walk to the nearest chaiwala for a steaming hot cup of tea. And after the initial shock of my foot getting stuck in the mud and being knee-deep in all the dirty water, it actually became fun. After than wonderfully 'perfect' time that I had, I drove back home which was even more fun. The reasons being the roads were converted to huge ponds of water and driving on those roads felt like crossing the oceans (duh!). Secondly it is really funny to see what the rain does to guys. Its like the pouring rain unleashes all the hormones that they have. The guys were actually whistling and singing - neither talents that I have witnessed earlier. It made me smile though :D
I reached home safely and scrubbed myself with Dettol, lest I catch some kind of skin infection.

All in all, it was actually one of the best days of my life. And with this I intend to sign out :)