May 9, 2012

Magnum opus! Ha! Who am I kidding!

So finally I am writing again. I have no clue where this piece will lead to at the moment, but I sure hope it leads to someplace nice. To begin with, I need to fill the gap between my current post and the previous one. I have been upto, well, all sorts of things! April 11, 2010 was when I last published something (and that too an apology at that). It's time to make amends. I have a lot of unpublished pieces in my drafts folder, but I guess that is for private viewing for now. Actually more than the will to write, I have lost the confidence to post what I write. I am lacking the confidence to release to the entire world, my thoughts (funny thing considering I have never NEVER been low on confidence)! Getting back to the "topic", I have been up to so much since then. Firstly, I graduated in 2011 (finally!). Then I also took admission to study, no, to get a Post Graduate Degree in Management, which is my current endeavour. So currently, all my energies are focussed in successfully attaining the PGDM ( I urge all my future employers to take these 2 lines as a joke. I am merely trying to be funny :P). That is what has happened to me on the education front. On the personal front, life has never been more confusing! I have been continually confused about so many things that my confusion now circles around what my confusions used to be (If you didn't get it, I am trying to be funny, again :P). The past 2 years have been, well, for the lack of a better word or rather words, a roller coaster ride for me. But somehow these two years have been (maybe) two of the best years of my life - from having the time of my life in Bhubaneswar, to having the time of my life now in Manipal, I have had a truly phenomenal time! In this course of time, I have met soooo many people who have left a lasting impression on me. Friends in Bhubaneswar - SG, AM, AA, AM (yes, there are two AMs!), are a few of them. The time I spent with them - well, I shall carry them to my grave (the memories, of course!). And friends in Manipal! What do I tell write about them. It took me sometime to find them, but I have finally found my "gals"( Manipal "gals to be precise. I have my Bhubaneswar "gals" since 7 years now). I love them from the core of my heart! We form a very funny group, and in the words of RH, "we are all so imperfect together, but we are so perfectly matched" (okay, that does not sound right AT ALL , and I am sure I am not quoting her correctly, but you get the point, right!). We are a group of 5 - RH, DA, SB, RR and me. The time we have spent together so far has been crazy. They are the "wall" in my life! They are my co-actresses in the "stage" called Manipal (the references can ONLY be understood by certain people at TAPMI). Apart from them, there are a few others that NEED to be mentioned! MA, AS ( - my first friends in college), DT (this guy is crazy!), the GRS ( as he likes to be called), AR and AR (the gay boys, not really!) , IA( my Veeru) and RT (THE argumentative Indian!). The time I have spent with these people has been really amazing! And at this point, all I can look forward to is spending another year,  optimally ( - a term you become accustomed to using every now and then if you do a PGDM/MBA)!

P.S: This HAD to be written in one paragraph! So sorry for the randomness! I shall take time to raise the standard of my writing!

P.P.S: Thank you for reading it, if you have read it! Else, thank you for increasing my visitor count :P

P.P.P.S: I delivered what I had promised. I started claiming I had no clue where this would end, and it did end rather randomly :P