Oct 23, 2012

I hate the new blogger dashboard/whatever the hell it is!

As the title very clearly suggests, I hate the new format that Blogger has adopted in the formerly-known-as-dashboard page. It is so confusing, not to mention time consuming too - to move from one option to another. I am otherwise a tech savvy person but unnecessarily complicating things is not my style :P

I hate it how you cannot go back to posts from a draft (it straight goes to overview on my page). After a few sets of to and fro from the draft to editing to overview, I am thoroughly frustrated and I really do not understand the need to change the format.



It has been a really long time since I last wrote and also promised to write (not at all a well-deserved hiatus)... I come online, check my dashboard, check my blog and become bloated with happiness on seeing the list of my followers increased to 15 (most of whom are my friends who, I am sure, are following my blog as an act of kindness)... I am sorry to each one of you for not updating my blog and letting you down (if at all you had expectations :] )... I am writing this to inform you that my ability to write anything - sense and non-sense (borrowed from the name of my sister's blog) has been snatched - by whom I am unaware... (Read: If you are the one who has done it, please kindly return it :] )...

My point of writing this blog is to confess something... As over-confident and narcissistic I am, I have never been able to recognise and realise any talent in myself... And finally I thought I had a flair, however sad it maybe, for writing... But I don't... You may call it a writer's block but I think I have always suffered from it :) ... It is definitely wrong to feel jealous, to envy someone else's gift but I have always been envious of people who can create beautiful verses in the form of poems, stories, novels, etc... Also of those who can dance, paint, sing,etc. 'cause those are precisely the things I don't excel in...

The only talent I possess is talking and laughing... I can talk for innumerable hours and laugh even more... These talents actually don't mean anything but I know the joy I feel when I see people getting a few moments of laughter when they look at me...

I agree to the fact that being content is the secret to happiness... I am content with my life, but wanting a little more is only natural, ain't it???

P.S: written long long back, published now!

Aug 25, 2012

24 August, 2012

24 August, 2012 shall forever remain etched in my memories. It started off as quite an oridnary day. Woke up at 10 am and being the procrastinator that I am, got up from my bed at 1pm :P
Went for lunch, went for class at 2.30pm - the last Sales Management class of this term. Was quite a good session. And after that came the highlight of the day - the event that had elated my spirits for the past few days - INKtalks Manipal University. Unni and I had volunteered to be a part of the organizing committee - a brilliant, enthusiastic bunch of people! We went to the event and WHAT AN EVENT IT WAS! 5 of the most amazing speakers ever - Anupam Mukerji (the Fake IPL Player), Krushnaa Patil (second youngest Indian to scale the Everest), Charles Ma (Bharatnatyam dancer), Dr. Virender Sangwan (Ophthalmologist) and Vivek Nair(Entrepreneur, Forbes Under 30 Energy List). And the interaction with them after the talk!

Even though I am at an all-time low when my literary skills are concerned, I had to post this! I needed to document this online, as well talk to the world about it! Until I regain my literary genius, this piece remains unfinished and published :P

May 9, 2012

Magnum opus! Ha! Who am I kidding!

So finally I am writing again. I have no clue where this piece will lead to at the moment, but I sure hope it leads to someplace nice. To begin with, I need to fill the gap between my current post and the previous one. I have been upto, well, all sorts of things! April 11, 2010 was when I last published something (and that too an apology at that). It's time to make amends. I have a lot of unpublished pieces in my drafts folder, but I guess that is for private viewing for now. Actually more than the will to write, I have lost the confidence to post what I write. I am lacking the confidence to release to the entire world, my thoughts (funny thing considering I have never NEVER been low on confidence)! Getting back to the "topic", I have been up to so much since then. Firstly, I graduated in 2011 (finally!). Then I also took admission to study, no, to get a Post Graduate Degree in Management, which is my current endeavour. So currently, all my energies are focussed in successfully attaining the PGDM ( I urge all my future employers to take these 2 lines as a joke. I am merely trying to be funny :P). That is what has happened to me on the education front. On the personal front, life has never been more confusing! I have been continually confused about so many things that my confusion now circles around what my confusions used to be (If you didn't get it, I am trying to be funny, again :P). The past 2 years have been, well, for the lack of a better word or rather words, a roller coaster ride for me. But somehow these two years have been (maybe) two of the best years of my life - from having the time of my life in Bhubaneswar, to having the time of my life now in Manipal, I have had a truly phenomenal time! In this course of time, I have met soooo many people who have left a lasting impression on me. Friends in Bhubaneswar - SG, AM, AA, AM (yes, there are two AMs!), are a few of them. The time I spent with them - well, I shall carry them to my grave (the memories, of course!). And friends in Manipal! What do I tell write about them. It took me sometime to find them, but I have finally found my "gals"( Manipal "gals to be precise. I have my Bhubaneswar "gals" since 7 years now). I love them from the core of my heart! We form a very funny group, and in the words of RH, "we are all so imperfect together, but we are so perfectly matched" (okay, that does not sound right AT ALL , and I am sure I am not quoting her correctly, but you get the point, right!). We are a group of 5 - RH, DA, SB, RR and me. The time we have spent together so far has been crazy. They are the "wall" in my life! They are my co-actresses in the "stage" called Manipal (the references can ONLY be understood by certain people at TAPMI). Apart from them, there are a few others that NEED to be mentioned! MA, AS ( - my first friends in college), DT (this guy is crazy!), the GRS ( as he likes to be called), AR and AR (the gay boys, not really!) , IA( my Veeru) and RT (THE argumentative Indian!). The time I have spent with these people has been really amazing! And at this point, all I can look forward to is spending another year,  optimally ( - a term you become accustomed to using every now and then if you do a PGDM/MBA)!

P.S: This HAD to be written in one paragraph! So sorry for the randomness! I shall take time to raise the standard of my writing!

P.P.S: Thank you for reading it, if you have read it! Else, thank you for increasing my visitor count :P

P.P.P.S: I delivered what I had promised. I started claiming I had no clue where this would end, and it did end rather randomly :P