Aug 25, 2012

24 August, 2012

24 August, 2012 shall forever remain etched in my memories. It started off as quite an oridnary day. Woke up at 10 am and being the procrastinator that I am, got up from my bed at 1pm :P
Went for lunch, went for class at 2.30pm - the last Sales Management class of this term. Was quite a good session. And after that came the highlight of the day - the event that had elated my spirits for the past few days - INKtalks Manipal University. Unni and I had volunteered to be a part of the organizing committee - a brilliant, enthusiastic bunch of people! We went to the event and WHAT AN EVENT IT WAS! 5 of the most amazing speakers ever - Anupam Mukerji (the Fake IPL Player), Krushnaa Patil (second youngest Indian to scale the Everest), Charles Ma (Bharatnatyam dancer), Dr. Virender Sangwan (Ophthalmologist) and Vivek Nair(Entrepreneur, Forbes Under 30 Energy List). And the interaction with them after the talk!

Even though I am at an all-time low when my literary skills are concerned, I had to post this! I needed to document this online, as well talk to the world about it! Until I regain my literary genius, this piece remains unfinished and published :P

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