Apr 14, 2009

And the sand slips...

A trip to the Puri beach was what I yearned for in the Diwali vacations and what I got after long hours of persuasion. So the very next day, I left for Puri with my group of friends- Anjana, Soumya, Tanaya and Tulika. It was actually a short trip of one day as I was supposed to leave for Gujarat after two days.

After reaching, all of us quickly changed into our shorts and went to bathe in the frothy waters. The setting sun glorified all of us from top to bottom. After satiating myself wholly, I came out with my pockets feeling heavy, the reason being them filled with sands. The sand which I removed thereafter(after I dried myself a bit) and which filled my hands kept slipping. The slipping sands and the roaring waves reminded me of the quote "Time and tide wait for none". The sand slipping from my hands personified the time slipping by. It made me contemplate - contemplate about my survival, my life. WHAT REALLY WAS I DOING THERE?

This question was a little too heavy and needed proper thinking. But with the given atmosphere, I was not able to do much thinking.

Later that night, while sitting by the moonlit beach, I pondered about THE question - the unanswered questions that filled the corners of my brain( not that I have many!).

The purpose of life, I believe, is determined by the attitude and the priorities in one's life. It varies from person to person. But how often do people identify it and its importance.

The purpose of life is like the vision of any company(I am a management student, no other example came to my mind). At various stages of life, goals change, but the long-term goal-the purpose remains steady. And I think all that everyone ultimately needs in the end is happiness.

I, for one, have many things that I need to do. Simple things that will make my life and that of people, and animals of course, around me better. Time is limited and we should try to work within this constraint to harness happiness - out of the little things in life.

In this really competitive world, people are forgetting the importance of 'other things'. The only thing that matter these days is success and money, though that might ultimately lead to happiness. But in this journey, they overlook the importance of the aforementioned 'small things'.

Life is all about living it and getting the most out of it. So go ahead and LIVE! Enjoy! Don't let triffle matters disturb you. Instead pay attention to things that give and spread joy.


Archana said...

Hey there, I came across your blog for a comment posting at 'preposterious girls' "Dark n Ugly" post. Glad you agree with my perspective on that issue. :)

Anyway, nice entry. You're right, everyone these days in a on rat race trying to make it BIG, and for most people that means making lotsa money. Now I'm not going to deny the fact that money does lead to happiness, in the sense that it can buy you material things that make you happy.

But true happiness, the kind that sends sparks through your body, comes from living life and enjoying every moment - no matter how simple or ornate. :) I think I'm happiest sipping a cup of coffee, at an outdoor cafe, with a friend, people-watching & chit chatting. That to me is just bliss. :)

Dazed by the Light I See... said...

Totally... I just love it how you put it into words...

the poet manque said...

that gave me a sense of deja vu

i had it when i went to the gold coast

i was a feeling a bit low but whn i saw the vast ocean i felt how small i am i sat there for hours saw the sunset and thn i realised why they call it GOLD coast

and as i am a cancerian i just love water