Apr 20, 2009

I have been up all night, HAVEN'T had coffee, watched 5(oh my God, I realised it now) movies through the night... Just Like Heaven, Sweet Home Alabama, Legally Blonde-1, Madagascar -2 and Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanemo Bay - all of which I love... I downloaded a couple of songs which I had never heard earlier!! It was quite an aimless night and this quite an aimless piece of writing. I was actually supposed to complete my English journal for my practical exam later today. But guess what, I finished watching 5 movies but haven't even completed even 1 piece of writing... I have been sleeping alone since a month(my room-mate Sachi has shifted to her home) and I have the liberty of messing up my room to any extent I want( which is pretty much what I have done all these days).

I am going to take off, thinking of completing the journal. Its just 7 hours( that is a lot of time) to my exam and I need to complete, get pictures, STICK them, etc. etc. , viz. A LOT OF HARD WORK :(

So that's it for now... Hope to return with some more serious, objective-oriented pieces.

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the poet manque said...

i am in the same shoes as u were that day

but i can assure myslef that i am not the only one who has it

thanx for providing me a perfect excuse for my lame will lol