Apr 17, 2009

You can decide the title!!!

Not long back, on second thoughts, actually long back in September 2008 we had our University Youth Festival. It is a regular affair every year. Last year, though I didn't participate(because I was in the Hand Ball Team), I had been made in charge of the events to be held at the Chemistry Auditorium. And it was during one of the competitions( read literary), that I wrote the following poem...

The contestants were given a few topics out of which one was Nature... Most of them came out with brilliant pieces of poetry. As for mine, it is no way near brilliant, but
1. it doesn't make sense
2. will surely make you laugh...

So here it goes:-
I look up the sky and see the blue clouds,
A feeling which makes me sing aloud,
A feeling which lifts me to the air,
A feeling strange yet similar to my mother's care.

I look around and see the green trees,
Long for my mother's embrace which I miss,
But the soothing green make me calm,
And suddenly I feel alarmed-
A large spider falls on my shoulder,
Scared, I stumble upon a boulder.
I break my leg and crack my head,
Feeling that I would be better of dead.

But Mother Nature at once comes alive,
A little cute bird onto my side dives,
And suddenly I feel alive,
Never so in my entire life.

I know, I know... You must not have read as ridiculous a poem as this!


preposterous girl said...

hey it was not that bad that someone will laugh..
I think it was a nice attempt..as I said earlier also that u shud write more often. :)

Parv Kaushik said...

hey tht was a nice one.. u write well!!! it was quite funny and innocent... i think u still hav a kid inside you!! thts a good thing... world would be a better place if ppl were lyk tht!

Dazed by the Light I See... said...


@ preposterous girl:
I totally love your writings. Believe me I am actually trying to write more often. I have a lot of ideas which I am not getting enough time to pen down, or rather type down!

@ Parv Kaushik:
Thanks! I like!! I love your blogs too...

the poet manque said...

kind of innocent

couldnt think of title but had few feelings

ek duniya chand ke paar kahin
jahan pe din ho raat wahin
likhu roz main raet pe naam jiska
usko pata mera naam nahin.......